Asistenti ve výuce

The course is intended for students who are native speakers of English/German/Spanish/French/Russian language or who have reached level C1 in a foreign language and seek experience in language teaching.

The candidate sends an email with the motivation letter and undergoes an interview to Language Centre teacher.

If you are interested in being a teaching assistant, register one of the following courses (depending on the language you want to teach):

  • LSP_TA_E (English)
  • LSP_TA_G (German)
  • LSP_TA_S (Spanish)
  • LSP_TA_F (French)
  • LSP_TA_R (Russian)

Asistents will be expected to cooperate with a Language Centre teacher on preparation as well as delivery of language classes. Successful students will be awarded a certificate and 2 credits.


  • Monika Ševečková,
  • Marta Holasová,

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